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BTC.D (BTC Dominance, the dominance of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s Dominance Index in the Total Capitalization of the Cryptocurrency Market)

BTC.D is an Index that shows the ratio of Bitcoin capitalization to the capitalization of other cryptocurrency assets. It does not reflect the price of Bitcoin, but helps a trader or investor understand what is currently more in demand in the cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin or altcoins. With the fall of this index in the cryptocurrency market, the so-called “rally” or “alt-season” begins.

August 11, 2022

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⅔ BTC.D. Bitcoin dominance: time to bless the altseason!
The chart shows the share of bitcoin in the crypto market in relative terms (in %). Is it possible to predict such a ticker using the Elliott Wave Principle? The answer is positive!

According to a further forecast, before the end of the year, bitcoin will go to new lows in the share of capitalization of the entire crypto market, while the level of 49% will not be broken in the coming year.
December 28, 2021

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BTC.D. Bitcoin domination.

The forecast of the fall in bitcoin dominance continues to come true. Let me remind you that we are aiming at the area below 35%, after which options are possible. Until then, I bless for the altseason.

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#BTCDominance TF: 4H
July 28, 2019

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#Bitcoin #Dominance
Timeframe: 1D

I think that the increase in domination of bitcoin has exhausted itself, at least locally. The correction to the area of ​​at least 50%-60% is requested. The maximum – immediately to the new bottoms (below 34%).

The main problem here is that the growth from 34.9% is easily decomposed both on a wave from a family of zigzags and on a normal impulse.

If everything goes according to the color option with an impulse, then in terms of terms I will not tell you at all – the conditional range in the area of 50-80% will take at least a year. And the maximum (by all the rules and norms) waves [b]-[c] can drag on for 5-10 years
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