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FB (Facebook, Meta Platforms, Inc. Sector: Technology. Communication Services; Industry: Internet/Online)

FB refers to the ticker symbol for Meta Platforms, Inc., which builds technology that helps people connect and share information through mobile devices and personal computers. The company’s products include Facebook, Instagram (Instagram), WhatsApp Messenger and the Oculus marketplace. Facebook allows people to connect, share information, and communicate with each other on mobile devices and personal computers. Instagram allows people to take photos or videos, customize them with filter effects, and share them with friends and followers in the photo feed or send them directly to friends. The messenger allows you to communicate with both people and companies on various platforms and devices. WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app used by people around the world and available on a variety of mobile platforms. Virtual reality technology and the Oculus platform offer products that allow people to enter an interactive environment to play games, consume content, and communicate.

April 19, 2022

Active subscription START required

Extremist investments – stocks of a company banned in the Russian Federation.

Subscribers ask: what exactly to buy from the US market? If you, like any other capitalist, are ready to do anything for a 600% profit, then consider Meta stocks, banned in Russia, here the p/l ratio is just about 6.

I sincerely hate Zuckerberg with all my heart, as well as everything he touches. I’m ready to step over my principles just for the sake of such a setup. But I will do it with another undesirable organization in the Russian Federation, with IB. :o)

Share this channel, please, with other people interested in trading. It is very easy for you and it will be very helpful for me. Do appreciate your help

You can ask any questions in the chat: https://t.me/ewt_chat

#FB #Meta TF: 4H
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