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RTSi (RTS Index).

The Russia Trading System Index is a price and market capitalization weighted composite index of the Russian stock market. It is calculated on the same basis as the index of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX, ticker MOEX), which consists of shares of large Russian companies with the highest market capitalization. The number of participants in the index may vary but should not exceed 50. Currently, the RTS contains more than 40 stocks of the largest and most promising Russian companies in the key economic sectors.

The RTS Index is calculated based on prices of common and preferred shares, which are free float and expressed in US dollars. In addition to stocks, the index also includes depositary receipts.

Along with the MICEX index, the RTS index is one of the most important indicators of the state of the Russian stock market. If it up, it means that most of the largest Russian stocks are also rising in price and vice versa. It is used to track the dynamics and evaluate the profitability of the Russian stock market as a whole.

January 4, 2020

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#RTS index
Timeframe: 1D

Initials from the last update have not worked (look update from December, 6 from my telegram channel), but they did not give entry points, so there’s nothing to worry about. Now, however, we have a more promising setup for trade – this is the diagonal in the wave (c) of [e]. I put the critical level for it on the chart, it is 1664, and it can be used as a stop later.

You can discuss this with me in telegram chat https://t.me/ewt_chat
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